The Global Hydrogen Review 2022 China Launch


On January 16, the Global Hydrogen Review 2022 China Launch is held in Beijing successfully. The event is co-hosted by IEA and ECP with the support of several partners, including Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce, Beijing Representative Office of Shandong Province, Institute of Energy, Peking University (IEPKU), Orient Securities, China Energy News (CEN), and the American Chamber of Commerce in China.

According to the report, net zero emission commitments and the global energy crisis have further accelerated the development of the hydrogen industry. Currently, hydrogen energy has been widely regarded as an important option to achieve the goal of addressing climate change. Data show that in 2021, global demand for hydrogen energy will further grow to 94 million tons (an average annual increase of more than 1.6 percent in the past two years), accounting for about 2.5 percent of the world's total end-energy consumption.

An Fengquan, the senior adviser also stressed the importance of international cooperation in advancing hydrogen energy development. Taking international trade in hydrogen energy as an example, "Governments and enterprises of all countries should work together through cooperation to promote better development of hydrogen energy industry. International trade in hydrogen energy can be carried out smoothly only through cooperation and implementation of unified international standards in regulation and certification. Judging from the actual progress and the enthusiasm of all parties, the prospect of international cooperation in hydrogen energy is very optimistic." 'he said.

Feng Wujun, Secretary general of Beijing Carbon Neutral Society, stressed at the meeting that the key to achieve high-quality development of China's hydrogen energy industry relys on the innovation of technolgy independence and controllablility crossing the entire industrial value chain, and the innovation of the scientific system paradigm. "The main application scenario for hydrogen energy is still focusing on transportation. As an energy carrier, the demand for hydrogen energy in traditional energy-intensive industries and new hydrogen energy application scenarios, such as distributed energy, energy storage, heating, metallurgy, chemical and other fields has not been fully developed and needs to be accelerated in the future."

During the meeting, Yang Lei, Vice President of the Institute of Energy, Peking University; Cao Yong, deputy Director of the Institute of Industrial Development, Sinopec Economic and Technological Research Institute; Chen Li, Director of the Office of Hydrogen Energy of Shenergy Group; Yang Xin, deputy Director of the Department of Achievement Transformation and Overseas Investment of the Science and Management Center of the Science and Technology Research Institute of China Power Investment Corporation; Xu Zichun, Director of the National Center for Fuel Cell Technology Innovation; And Joachim von Scheele, Global commercial Business Director of Linde, had a wonderful discussion and shared views on the development layout of the hydrogen energy industry, international trade of hydrogen energy, hydrogen energy transportation and other topics.

Although the Chinese Spring Festival is around the corner, it still received extensive attention and participation in the industry. In Beijing, the representatives from more than 20 international energy companies and more than 30 domestic companies and research institutions attended the meeting on site, demonstrating the huge space and opportunities for international cooperation in the field of hydrogen energy.

After the launch event, Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce, Beijing Representative Office of Shandong Province and ECP organized an International Energy Cooperation Reception at Oriental Garden Hotel in Beijing.

Looking forward in the Year of 2023, we will continue to work with all partners to innovate and cooperate in this energy cooperation platform that we have built over the years, and achieve more results of international cooperation in the field of energy.