How to Join

Per ECP membership policies,

1.    Companies that wish to join ECP may do so through one or more of ECP's Working Groups.  A prospective member company that would like to join ECP formally communicates this desire to the ECP Secretariat, and identifies the most appropriate Working Group(s) through which it would like to join.  If necessary the ECP Secretariat may involve the identified Working Group's co-chairs in this process.

2.    The prospective member company then submits a formal letter/email to the ECP Secretariat stating this intention, including through which Working Group(s) it intends to effect such membership.  This communication should also include:

  • a brief introduction of the company,
  • a description of the company's core competencies in the clean energy sector, and
  • a clear statement of what contributions it expects to make and benefits it expects to gain by participating in the identified Working Group(s) and becoming a member of ECP. 

Where appropriate/desired, the communication may also identify what specific sector-based business development projects the company is willing to undertake and lead within the identified Working Group(s) it would be joining.

3.    Upon receipt of the formal written expression of interest from the prospective member company, the ECP Secretariat coordinates with the identified Working Group co-chairs and facilitates the membership application consideration process by that Working Group.

4.    Upon agreement by the respective Working Group(s) on membership, a recommendation to invite the prospective general member company to join ECP is sent to the ECP Board members for final approval.  Note - for any non-US or non-Chinese incorporated companies, membership criteria requires the working group in question be able to present a sufficiently compelling case to the ECP Board Members before that given applicant's membership can be approved.  

5.    Upon the Board's final approval, the ECP Secretariat informs the prospective member and welcomes the company into ECP and the Working Group.

6.    Decision-making Timeframe:  Normally within two to three weeks upon receipt of the prospective member company's formal expression of interest by the ECP Secretariat.

7. Due to the fact that the working language of ECP Secretariat is English, all membership applications must be submitted in English.

Annual Membership Dues for 2023: annual dues for our General Members are currently set at 76,660 RMB per the calendar year. 

Project Leadership by our Members: ECP encourages any / all of its member companies to become project leaders in their Working Groups in the specific clean energy business development area that makes most sense for the sector and the member company's own business scope.