Our Partners

Since its inauguration, the US-China Energy Cooperation Program (ECP) has actively engaged in in-depth exchanges and cooperation with the relevant government agencies, industry groups, scientific research institutions and enterprises of the United States and China. At present, more than 20 Chinese companies have long-term strategic cooperation agreements. Each year ECP holds business workshops and field visits in a dozen of provinces.

Major government cooperation agencies include:

  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • U.S. Department of Commerce
  • US Trade and Development Agency
  • US State Department
  • China National Development and Reform Commission
  • China National Energy Board
  • Chinese Ministry of Commerce
  • China Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Development
  • China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  • China Ministry of Environmental Protection
  • China Ministry of Transport
  • Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Local provinces and municipalities, state-level new areas, industrial parks
  • Major industry groups, including cooperation between China and the United States and the professional industry associations, research institutions, non-profit institutions

ECP and more than 200 Chinese enterprises, including state-owned enterprises and private enterprises have close relations of cooperation.