Our Mission


ECP advances bilateral cooperation between China and the United States on energy and environment sector issues. We act as a bridge to connect governments with the private sector under the shared goal of advancing sustainable development and enabling commercial cooperation. Our five “pillars” form the foundation for building a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable, and efficient society for our two great countries:

· Technology & products: connecting member companies to key partners and promoting new product introductions that align with our vision.

· Government: promoting open dialogue about current priorities, issues and needs from both countries to map out long-term success

· Project Identification and Advocacy: putting a platform in place to match participants based on needs and capabilities, making it easier to implement ECP projects.

· Finance: building alliances with financial institutions to fund ECP projects.

· EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) Project Support: assessing and engaging in key projects that provide comprehensive solutions to reduce energy usage, increase energy efficiency, reduce emissions, or improve the energy mix.