Joint Jiangsu Outreach Study Trip

Joint Jiangsu Outreach Study Trip by ECP,MOFCOM and CCCME,July 5-7


In order to respond to challenges and seize opportunities in the process of green low-carbon energy transition, invited by the Department of North American and Oceanian Affairs of Ministry of Commerce(MOFCOM) and the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME), ECP organized a three-day business study trip to Jiangsu Province from July 5-7,2021. Representatives from Cheniere Energy, ConocoPhillips, Baker Hughes, Honeywell, Dow Chemical, ICF and other US companies participated in this study trip.

The delegation attended two business cooperation roundtables on green low-carbon energy transition and development in Nanjing, Jiangyin and Zhangjiagang, together with government officials from Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, Provincial Energy Bureau,Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment and key representative cities(Nanjing, Jiangyin, Suzhou and Zhangjiagang), key principals andr epresentatives of industrial parks and local companies. The delegation also attended field visits to many well-known Jiangsu local energy companies:Envision, FURUIHP, Honeywell Zhangjiagang special materials Engineering Center,PPG (Zhangjiagang) Application R&D Center, Shagang Group, Zhangjiagang China-US Ultra-thin Belt Technology Co., LTD. The delegation had discussions with relevant partners in Jiangsu Province on cooperation opportunities in suchareas as tackling climate change, promoting green development and deepening two-way trade and investment through energy transition, and jointly offered suggestions for China to achieve the two goals of carbon emission.

As China's largest natural gas consumer,Jiangsu province, has been at the forefront of green energy transition.  As an active international energy cooperation platform, ECP has led its members to Jiangsu province several times for business study trips and international forums since its establishment. The cooperation with Jiangsu province has a long history and a solid foundation. ECP and its members have supported and participated in the environmental protection forumsin Kunshan, the Low-carbon city forums inZhenjiang, the layout of the data center park in Nantong, the demonstration and cooperation of smart grid andsmart micro-grid project in Suzhou, and the gas industry workshop in Hangzhou.This study trip was very fruitful.  All the delegates expressed that they would continue to pay attention to Jiangsu province and seize the cooperation opportunities with local Jiangsu stakeholders during the energy transition process.