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WBIM International Digitalization Award 2017


Sponsors: Wanda Commercial Properties, USGBC, BSI, ECP

Strategic organizer: Autodesk (China)

Supported by: Asia Pacific Construction Institute of Scientific and Technological Information, Architect Technique journal, CCEED, Bee Connected Group, Huamei Bowen


WBIM International Digitalization Award is the first international award for candidates from all sectors of AEC industrial chain worldwide. Bearing the annual theme of “from 0 to 1, light up the future”, the Award builds up an international platform for open, inclusive and fair exchange on digital technologies and their application in the industry. A magnet for top experts and enterprises at home and abroad, it will become a world-class gala, promising to define the future of the world.

The Award is supported by prestigious organizations, such as AIA, CIOB, BRE, Autodesk, CSCEC divisions, Asia-Pacific Construction Institute of Scientific and Technological Information, Architectural Society of China, China Engineering & Consulting Association, and China Association of Building Energy Efficiency, etc.


Award setup


l  WBIM Innovation Award

To highlight companies and individuals with outstanding innovation in digital technology and business model. The winners apply an eco-system mindset to business innovation, disrupt prior arts and incumbent models, register rapid evolution and transformation, and generate remarkable application value and social benefits.

l  WBIM Project Award

To acknowledge works with cutting-edge application of digital technologies in project design, construction, maintenance and operation, and disruptive outcomes. The winners set role models for the future of the industry.

Design category: to recognize broad and deep BIM application in the design process, including the development of model information logic system, trans-disciplinary coordination, process enhancement with visualization, and BIM-aided trouble shooting.

Construction category: to recognize broad and deep BIM application in the construction process, including the contribution to project management and quality assurance, cost saving, and innovative application based on project profile.

l  WBIM Corporate Award

To recognize design, engineering and software companies for excellence in BIM application, organization and management. The Judge Panel makes decision by comprehensive assessment, including the capability of BIM application in conjunction with digitalization and the internet, internal BIM penetration, role model effect for BIM adoption, and social benefits.



l  Project implementation

Leading projects will receive support from the organization committee for commercialization and implementation, during which innovative technologies and models will be further validated and optimized.

l  Awareness promotion

The organization committee, in conjunction with authoritative institutions at home and abroad , will release Evaluation Criteria and Chart for Global BIM Application Index. It will promote the awareness and profile of winners in the industry.

l  Financial Bonus

Bonus will be awarded to winners.


Co-chairmen of the Judge Panel

Fellows of Chinese Academy of Engineering and leaders of digitalization in US and UK will be appointed co-chairmen of the Judge Panel.


Expert members of the Judge Panel

Works submitted will be evaluated by industrial leaders, such as BIM founders, state-level master of exploration and design, KOLs in construction and digital city development, and software experts.


Key milestones

Aug. 18, 2017  Launch ceremony

Nov. 30, 2017  Deadline for submission

Dec. 2017                    Primary evaluation

Jan. 2018                    Final evaluation + WBIM Summit Forum

April 2018                    Award ceremony


Standing of applicants

Innovative start-ups, developers, design companies, engineering and construction companies, teachers and students at school of architecture, research and consulting firms can participate in the competition. Single-party application and joint application are acceptable.


Documents to be submitted

1) PPT (mandatory): PPT submitted for the Innovation Award shall provide technical features and application value. Those for Project Award shall demonstrate how digital technologies are applied to project design, construction, operation & maintenance, and management, and highlight how practical issues are fixed with the technologies.

2) BIM model documents (optional): light-weight files are preferred. Note: An introduction of BIM Usage (in PDF format) shall be submitted, providing title and release number of the software used in modeling and highlights of application. (Applicants for the Innovation Award can be exempted from this requirement) 

3) Video (optional): It’s advisable to provide video clips no shorter than 2 minutes, showcasing main features, highlights and innovation of BIM application.

(As the competition values innovation, applicants are encouraged to provide information in innovative ways other than those described above.)


How to participate

Submission of works by Nov. 30, 2017


Official portal

For details of WBIM International Digitalization Award and apply for competition, please visit www.wbim.net.


For technical questions, please contact

Huamei Bowen

+86 10 85366791 ext. 2002/2008

+86 15901181391 (Wu Xia)

+86 13641088784 (Zhou Linyu)


Supporting Institutions

Mag Group, GRAPHISOFT, Hongye, GLS BIM, TH SWARE, Tianhua APE, Victory Star, UDG Shanghai

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