IEA Flagship Report

IEA Flagship Report “Net Zero by2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector” was launched in Beijing


On 8th, June, IEA Flagship Report “Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector” was launched in Beijing. The conference was jointly hosted by IEA, IEPKU, ECP and CEN, and more than 100 representatives from IEA, National Development and Reform Commission, National Energy Administration, Embassy of the United States,Chinese and foreign companies and research institutes attended the conference.

The conference was presided over by Senior Advisor of International Energy Agency(IEA), Mr. AN Fengquan.

IEA Power Sector Modelling Lead, Brent Wanner gave a keynote speech with detailed interpretation of the report of Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector.

The report includes the following aspects:

  •   Under the pressure of "net zero emission", complete transformation of energy production, transportation and consumption is imminent

  • "Net zero"develops with high quality, improving energy efficiency and electrification is the key path

  • With the growing importance of renewable energy, the proportion of supply could rise to 2/3

  • Energy security intensified, international cooperation needs to be strengthened

Later on, Vice President, Institute of Energy, Peking University, Dr. YANG Lei presides over the pannel discussion session, and Former President of China Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute, Mr. XIE Qiuye; Executive Vice President of the Center for Energy and Climate at Tsinghua University,Professor LI Zheng; Founder of Vision Energy, Mr. ZHANG Lei; Head of the Energy Technology Policy Division, IEA, Mr. Timur Gül; Executive Board Cochair of  ECP, Global Vice President and China President of Baker Hughes, Mr. CAO Yang attended this section. They made comments on the IEA report and offered their own unique opinions and suggestions on the path of China's carbon neutrality.

Executive Board Cochair of ECP, Global Vice President and China President of Baker Hughes, Mr. CAO Yang mentioned: Although the report sets a very challenging target, there is a lot of controversy in the fossil energy sector, especially in the traditional oil and gas industry,the whole report captures two very important core points, one is innovation and technology, and the other is win-win cooperation.Innovation and cooperation are the main means to achieve net zero carbon dioxide emissions, which requires the right strategies for enterprises.In China, we believe that ensuring energy security, addressing low carbon and environmental protection, and achieving the 30-60 goal are the twin challenges that we are now facing, and these challenges are the most important ones that we need to solve together.

Executive Board Cochair of ECP, China Chief Representative of Cheniere Energy, Ms. Maggie JIA mentioned in the conclusion:   ECP has been focusing on clean energy, energy efficiency and environmental protection, actively promoting sustainable development, promoting energy security and combating climate change. ECP member companies attach great importance to the IEA 2050 Zero Emissions Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector. We also hope that more international energy companies will take more action in the field of climate change, and stress the importance of strengthening international cooperation. ECP together with IEPKU, plans to carry out a series of international energy cooperation program and dialogue (iECP), in order to build communication bridge in the field of energy, with different international energy institutions. The “Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector” conference is the second event of the series. It is expected that in early July this year, IEPKU and ECP would cooperate with IEA again to release the "IEA global natural gas market report 2021". Please look forward to it.