2022 Shaanxi CCUS Project Roundtable

In order to strengthen the international exchanges and cooperation in the field of CCUS, promote and support the development of CCUS industrial clusters in Shaanxi and the region of Golden Triangle of Energy, a CCUS Project Roundtable meeting was successfully held in Beijing on 26 April, hosted by the New Energy Research Institute of China Energy Corporation and the US-China Energy CooperationProgram (ECP), and co-led by the China National Petroleum Corporation(PetroChina) and Yanchang Petroleum Group.

This meeting was held in a combination of online and onsite formats, and  nearly 100 people from central government owned enterprises and relevant energy academic and research institutions attended from China Energy Corporation, PetroChina, Yanchang Petroleum Group, China University of Petroleum, Beijing Energy Group,China Carbon Neutral Development Group, as well as ECP member companies such as BakerHughes, AspenTech, ConocoPhillips ExxonMobil and Honeywell, and other international energy companies.

Mr. Cao Yang, Co-Chair of the ECP Board of Directors, Mr. Xu Dong, Director of the Carbon Neutral Centre of the New Energy Research Institute of China Energy Corporation, Ms. Su Chunmei,General Manager of the New Energy Division of PetroChina, and Mr. Liang Quansheng, Deputy Chief Engineer of the Yanchang Petroleum Research Institute, respectively introduced and shared their original intention and vision of leading and participating in the event, and all agreed that CCUS is an effective way for energy companies to actively response to climate change and achieve carbon emission reduction. It is hoped that this meeting will lead to more excellent partners working together to strengthen the exchange and cooperation in the CCUS industry at home and abroad, and will lead to some large-scale CCUS international commercial demonstration projects, making a positive contribution to the 3060 double carbon goal and laying the foundation for further sustainable and efficient development of the CCUS sector.

The representatives from three major CCUS project holders, China Energy Corporation, PetroChina and Yanchang Petroleum Group are invited to this meeting to share their CCUS layout, their progress, experiences, challenges and needs in the region of Golden Triangle of Energy.

Mr. Xu Dong, Director of the Carbon Neutral Centre of the New Energy Research Institute of China Energy Corporation, gave a presentation on "CCUS demonstration and industrial layout of the China Energy Corporation, under the double carbon goal". China Energy Corporation has responded positively to the call for "carbon neutrality" by setting up in advance in Shannxi Yulin and in  Ordos region.

Mr. Fan Wei, Deputy Director of the Changqing Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development of PetroChina,shared the "CCUS Planning and Progress in Changqing Oilfield". The previous study has formed a sound CCUS technology system, analyzed the current difficulties in the industry such as high initial investment and weak risk resistance, and put forward proposals for pipeline construction, definition of responsibility for sequestration, and feasible recommendations to create a green low-carbon development card.

Mr. Wang Xiangzeng, Deputy General Manager of Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group, shared his views on the “CCUS Progress and Outlook of Yanchang Petroleum”. Back in June 2015, the Yanchang CCUS project was certified by the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF), which was the first project in a developing country to receive this certification. Wang introduced the advantages and technical progress of the Yanchang CCUS project and analyzed the current challenges; they hope to become a demonstration project for China's energy enterprises to achieve "carbon neutrality" through efforts. 

After the introduction of the projects in the region of Golden Triangle of Energy in Shannxi, five representatives from ECP member companies in the field of CCUS made an exchange of technical progress and international experience of the project: Lu Haoren, CCUS Director of Baker Hughes Asia Pacific discussed about the carbon capture solvent absorption process; AspenTech Chief Solution  advisor Ms. Chen Jie discussed about the CCUS digital solution; ConocoPhillips BD Manager Mr. Peng Si also briefly shared ConocoPhillips' global strategy and CCUS-related technologies and experience in achieving carbon neutrality in the low carbon energy transition; Mr. Gu Xin,Senior Manager of Hydrogen/CCUS at Honeywell, shared the diversified carbon capture technologies to help achieve carbon neutrality; Dr. Zhao Sufang, Head of Business Development of Low Carbon Solutions Division of ExxonMobil China,discussed about the ExxonMobil's carbon capture and storage projects.

After the meeting, onsite and online participants also actively took the floor and asked questions, sharing their experiences and important technological breakthroughs in CCUS projects,and discussing opportunities and ways to work together on international CCUS projects in Shaanxi and the region of Golden Energy Triangle.

This meeting provided an effective platform for communication and cooperation between relevant CCUS units at home and abroad, and served as a bridge between the industry, which received a good response and feedback, and successfully laid the foundation for the subsequent CCUS international exchange activities.