Smart City (International) Innovation Conference

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On September 21st, 2017 China Smart City (International) Seminar was held in Royal Wanxin Hotel, Shenyang, cohosted by China Center for Urban Development, NDRC, P. R. China, Smart City Development Alliance, United States Trade and Development Agency and Australian Embassy in Beijing, and supported by ECP. This seminar is one of the over 40 sub-forums of the 2017 China Smart City (International) Innovation Conference, a leading conference in the field of smart city nationwide. 

Li Tie, Chairman and Chief Economist of China Center for Urban Development, NDRC, P. R. China, Li Ying, Director General of Shenyang Big Data Bureau, Samuel Yee, Economic Officer of U.S. Consulate General Shenyang, and Wan Xiaolei, representative of United States Trade and Development Agency (China) delivered speeches during the seminar. China has the largest size and number of cities in the world. With 20 million people entering cities every year, cities in China are developing rapidly. Participants from all walks of life all believed that smart city development would be a main content of China’s future urbanization process. U.S. enterprises could provide Chinese cities with their rich practical experiences and solutions to transformation problems, as well as innovative and practical suggestions on smart city development.

The seminar consisted of two sessions, focusing respectively on development path innovation global smart city and how new and high technology boost urban transformation. Representatives of U.S. enterprises, including NuCloud, Cummins, and International WELL Building Institute, delivered wonderful speeches to share their cases. Representatives of over 10 enterprises, like Johnson Controls, EATON, and ConocoPhillips, also attended the seminar.

In the future, comprehensive solutions are required to ensure that cities are livable and economic. As many cities are entering the aging society, architectural designs should be made flexible and multifunctional. Besides, for any city, smart city construction is inextricably linked to low carbon development. ECP, together with its member companies, will actively participate in China city construction through its China-US cooperation platform, interpret policies and work focuses of ministries and commissions related to promoting the development of new smart cities, share scientific and technological achievements and exchange experiences of smart city construction to accelerate new urbanization.