U.S. China (Chengdu) Workshop


August 2nd, 2018, US China Energy Cooperation Program (ECP) in collaboration with China's urban and small-town reform and development center as well as the United States Trade Development Agency (USTDA) and the Consulate General of the United States in Chengdu, successfully conducted the U.S. China (Chengdu) energy cooperation and sustainable urban development workshop. The seminar attracted more than 150 participants from more than 20 US enterprises and 70 Chinese enterprises. Leaders and guests from China and the United States at the meeting stressed the importance of strengthening energy cooperation and developing clean energy. The series of US China energy cooperation city workshops will continue to serve as an international exchange and cooperation platform for US China industries and cities to explore win-win cooperation and seek sustainable urban development

This seminar is closely linked to the theme of "US China energy cooperation" and "Sustainable urban development". Speakers from Caterpillar, Altec, Emerson, American Green Building Commission, Meishan California Center in Chengdu, Organica Water Company and Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute in Tsinghua all made wonderful reports during their keynote speeches. They shared their advanced and mature urban application technologies and products in sustainable cities as well as example cases. The seminar also set up a dialogue session specifically on "Sustainable Urban Development and US China Energy Cooperation" and a round table panel discussion session. Business and city representatives from China and the United States have shared their views on the current situation with energy efficiency and green development as well as combining green energy with finance and urban applications. Finally, expressed confidence and cooperation in promoting green and sustainable development. In the afternoon cooperation session, it was focused around the "urban infrastructure", "environmental protection", "LEED city" and "WELL community", representatives of the participants made exchanges of information, focusing on the intentions of cooperation on the project level, especially discussing actual cooperation opportunities.

The ECP hopes to use these series of workshops to focus on the future by promoting urban innovation and change in China, achieve sustainable urban development in terms of economic growth, social development, resource utilization and environmental protection. In addition, to promote more business cooperation opportunities between the two countries, also between China’s cities and enterprises. To maximize the city's decision-making, construction and development to provide an effective reference, and hope to work together with more partners to build a sustainable urban future in China and the United States. To provide an effective reference for urban decision-making, construction and development. Finally, hope to join hands with more partners to make persistent efforts in creating the future of US and China’s sustainable cities.