U.S.-China (Guangzhou) Workshop

Energy and Environmental Protection Cooperation Workshop Successfully Held in Guangzhou


On November 7, 2018, U.S.-China Energy Cooperation Program (ECP) successfully co-hosted the U.S.-China (Guangzhou) Energy and Environmental Protection Cooperation Workshop with China Center for Urban Development (CCUD), U.S. Trade and Development Agency (U.S.TDA), and United States Consulate General Guangzhou. The workshop welcomed more than 130 guests from 15 U.S. companies and over 60 Chinese companies and institutions. The workshop was hosted by Li Ma, the Executive Director of ECP. Steven Winkates, Director of Program Management for the East Asia Region of U.S.TDA, Kevin Ellerbrock, Environment Science Technology and Health Officer of United States Consulate General Guangzhou, and Yue Liu, Director of International Cooperation Department of China Center for Urban Development delivered speeches at the workshop.

Leaders and guests from both the U.S. and China emphasized the importance of strengthening energy and environmental protection cooperation at the workshop. ECP City Workshop Series will continue to be a platform for international communication and cooperation for Chinese and U.S. industries and cities to discuss win-win cooperation and shared development.

The workshop closely adheres to the theme of “U.S.-China City Energy” and “Urban Environmental Protection Cooperation”. Guests from 3M, Altec, Emerson, Birtley, General Electric, Johnson Controls, Aquatech, Organica Water, China Energy Engineering Group Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd, Foshan Gas Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Growth Synergy Consulting Co., Ltd., China Southern Power Grid, Guangzhou Power Supply Agency Co., Ltd., SYE Solar Energy Research Institute all delivered wonderful speeches and shared their advanced urban application technologies, products and cases in the fields of urban electricity, gas and environmental protection. The workshop also set up a dialogue session on “Opportunities and Challenges of the Energy and Environmental Protection Industry in Urban Development”. Business representatives from both China and the United States shared energy efficiency guarantee and their respective progress in energy technologies, and the application of energy and environmental protection in cities, such as distributed energy resource and power grid security. Companies from both countries also expressed their needs for cooperation and their confidence of the future. A business-matching event with the theme of energy and environmental protection was held. Participants discussed their intention of cooperation on projects and other cooperation opportunities.

ECP looks to the future through City Workshop Series. The workshop is a channel to promote urban innovation and transformation in Chinese cities, and to achieve sustainable development of cities in terms of economic growth, social development, resource utilization and environmental protection, so that more business cooperation opportunities can be generated between companies from both countries, and between companies and cities. We hope that this workshop provides effective reference for urban decision-making, construction and development, and hope to work side-by-side with more partners, help them promote their own advantages, and thus create a sustainable future for cities in China and the United States.