The 5th U.S.-China Renewable Energy Industry Forum

U.S.-China Renewable Energy Industry Cooperation Entered a New Stage


The 5th U.S.-China Renewable Energy Industry Forum was held in Dunhuang, Gansu province on July 20th. The forum was hosted by National Energy Administration and U.S. Department of Energy, approximately 100 delegates from Chinese or American government, new energy and grid enterprises, finance institution, research institution and industry associations attended the forum.

As one of the co-organizers of this forum, U.S.-China Energy Cooperation Program(ECP) invited 14 U.S. companies’ delegates to attend the forum. ECP Board Co-Chair Mr. Haury Harry delivered a speech on the topic of U.S.-China renewable energy business cooperation. Delegates and experts from Autodesk, BrightSource, Dow Chemical, Eaton, GE, NuCloud, U.S.-China Green Fund and other member companies had discussions about current development situation of U.S.-China renewable energy during the key-note speech and penal discussion session.  The discussion topics are including renewable energy financing, wind-solar-power station optimal design and development, microgrid, distributed generation, smart energy technology application and standards. It’s emphasized that further deep cooperation should be the key field on those related topics.

In Dunhuang, ECP also organized and arranged closed-door meeting between delegates from U.S. companies and Mr. Timothy Unruh, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Renewable Power, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy. And Mr. Liang Zhipeng, Deputy Director General of New Energy Department, China National Energy Administration. The two sides discussed the problems that Chinese and U.S. companies facing during the cooperation and talked about opportunities and challenges that U.S. companies encountered in renewable energy and related field.

During this forum, the governments, companies and research institutes from two countries get consensus on that U.S. and China have the huge potential business cooperation space in energy industry in the future. In the coming decades, renewable energy will still be the backbone of two countries’ energy growth. Meanwhile, the cooperation in renewable energy has reached to a new developing stage. Promoting large-scale grid-connected operation, distribution energy, microgrid, Energy Internet and other innovated technology will become new pillars to industry development. Both sides agreed that Chinese and U.S renewable energy industrial cooperation has stepped into a new stage. Broad cooperation will be carried out in the following four areas: Firstly, to build advanced hydropower and photovoltaic stations as demonstration projects operating with effective, low-cost and adaptive grid through mutual learning experience from each other and having technological cooperation.

Secondly, to enhance in-depth cooperation in industrial standard, testing technology, microgrid design and control technology to adapt in the fields of distribution renewable resources in microgrid.

Thirdly, to develop the joint research in standards and quality control, establish tests and authentication system that are accepted by both sides.

Lastly, to enhance communications of renewable energy financing innovation and promote the coordinated development of the financial and renewable energy industries.