Nuclear Energy Through Kids’ Eyes



With the great support from USG and Chinese partners as well as great leadership from Westinghouse, ECP called for participants and volunteers for a fantastic nuclear education party, “Nuclear Energy Through Kids’ Eyes”, on September 2 (Sunday) in Shanghai.  

​Around 50 families were invited to participate in the "Nuclear Energy Through Kid's Eyes" painting and auction program to promote nuclear energy knowledge and awareness for children and to help build school facility for children in developing regions. The program format includes​​ nuclear energy education by scholars/executives,​ games, oil painting, and auction. The money collected from the paint work will be used for building a school kitchen for left-behind children in Guizhou Province.

​Yanjie Wang, from Westinghouse, answered 8 questions about nuclear electricity in an easy and funny way. How does nuclear power generate electricity?  Does nuclear electricity have radiation ? Is nuclear electricity a kind of nuclear weapon ? Does it contaminate the environment and so on. After that, children have painted AP1000 through their imagination, and their works were auctioned for the left-behind children's well being. Finally, the event has obtained incredible support from the families and has gathered 1364.6 RMB.