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Johnson Controls attended the first international Transport Safety Expo

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The First International Transport Safety Expo, which is co-sponsored by the National Center for International Cooperation in Work Safety and Jiaotong International Cooperation Service Center, was opened at the China National Convention Center on December 19, 2017. The theme of this exposition is Transport Safety in Modern Society. Sun Huashan, the Vice-Bureau Secretary of the State Administration of Work Safety, Liu Xiaoming, the Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Transport of the people’s Republic of China, and Dr Bernhard Schwartländer, the Deputy Directors-General of the World Health Organization, attend the opening ceremony and give keynote speeches.

Johnson Controls was invited to attend the exposition with the topic creating a safe, intelligent and sustainable city. Johnson Controls will help China to build a safe, convenient, efficient and green modern comprehensive transportation system in 2020. Johnson Controls attended the exposition with the market-focused intelligent transportation solutions plans, including intelligent integrated decision-making command system, SCATS™ urban traffic control system, security, fire and building side system integration (BWSI) and other solutions.

David Clark, Johnson Controls Asia Pacific Vice President of Sales and Excellent Operations, said in the opening ceremony,

"Improving the rapid development and reliable security of transportation system synchronously is the best intention of every commuter and the people who are engaged in the transportation industry. At the same time, the transport industry is also Johnson Controls key layout of the industry. Johnson Controls fulfill our commitment to the society through the continuous technological and product innovation. We serve every traffic-related people and objects and help develop  build a safety, intelligence and sustainable transportation system."

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