Westinghouse is the world leader in commercial nuclear power plant design and technology. Our technology is used for more than half of the world’s commercial nuclear power plants. Westinghouse provides engineering, technology and equipment for the nuclear industry. We have over 14,000 employees spread over 4 continents. Our AP1000TM generation III passive safety technology was certified by the US NRC in December 2011 and we are the EPC contractor for 4 units under construction in the US. That same technology has been selected by the China government as the technology of choice and the basis for standardization for China’s nuclear power plant expansion. We currently have 4 units under construction, 2 each at Sanmen site in Zhejiang Province and Haiyang site in Shandong Province. Westinghouse projects typically include products and services from many US companies, including Shaw Group, Curtiss Wright, Emerson, SPX, Transco, and others. Westinghouse provides products and services to electric utilities such as Duke Power and Exelon in the US.

Website: http://westinghouse.com/