ECP Brief Introduction


Founded in September of 2009 by 24 US companies, the US-China Energy Cooperation Program (“ECP”) is a private sector-led non-profit public-private-partnership platform that was created through official dialogue. ECP was underscored by US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao in the official joint statement during President Obama’s visit to China in 2009.  


ECP’s vision is to create a healthier, more sustainable environment through China-US partnerships by leveraging government policy, implementing self-sustaining programs and facilitating commercial cooperation on the energy and environment sector development.


ECP Mission:

ECP advances bilateral cooperation between China and the United States on energy and environment sector issues. We act as a bridge to connect governments with the private sector under the shared goal of advancing sustainable development and enabling commercial cooperation. Our five “pillars” form the foundation for building a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable, and efficient society for our two great countries:

· Technology & products: connecting member companies to key partners and promoting new product introductions that align with our vision.

· Government: promoting open dialogue about current priorities, issues and needs from both countries to map out long-term success

· Project Identification and Advocacy: putting a platform in place to match participants based on needs and capabilities, making it easier to implement ECP projects.

· Finance: building alliances with financial institutions to fund ECP projects.

· EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) Project Support: assessing and engaging in key projects that provide comprehensive solutions to reduce energy usage, increase energy efficiency, reduce emissions, or improve the energy mix.


With official support of US government agencies including the Department of Commerce (DOC), Department of Energy (DOE) and US Trade and Development Agency (TDA), together with Chinese government agencies including the National Energy Administration (NEA) and Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), ECP acts as a bridge connecting governments with the private sector to advance sustainable development.  


Today, ECP consists of more than 90 organizations from the U.S. and China who have joined and supported ECP, which have helped to advance important initiatives on data centers, low carbon cities, green hospitals, and renewable energy.


ECP currently has the following working groups:

Oil & Gas,

Clean Coal,

 Renewable Energy,

Nuclear Power,


Grid & Energy Storage,

Building Energy Efficiency,

Industrial Energy Efficiency,


Clean Transportation,


Green Finance


By focusing on achievable goals that advance both commercial cooperation and sustainable development between American and Chinese companies and organizations. ECP’s foundation is built on shared responsibility, sound funding, policy development, and advocacy, which together surface new ideas, improve cooperation, and build real solutions for a low-carbon, resource-efficient future.



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